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Fitness & Social Group - Male Focused

Fitness & Social Group - Male Focused by Los Angeles Friends Group Sessions

  • 2 hr
  • Adrian's Place Santa Monica

Service Description

To book, contact Los Angeles Friends Justin Katona E-mail: or Brett Lietzke E-mail: Group Sessions: 11:30 am - 1:30 pm Price: $150 Mission Statement: At Los Angeles Friends, we provide superlative behavioral consulting services focused on our three tenets of well-being: physical, social, and spiritual fitness. Wraparound Therapy: At Los Angeles Friends, we provide evidence-based, empathic, and robust therapeutic services through fitness-themed events and classes. Our programs span across our three tenets: physical, social, and spiritual fitness. Our services are considered “Wraparound” because we integrate programs from each area to construct a rich, prosperous, growth-inspired case program. In doing so, we are able to naturally facilitate physical health, social skills, and spiritual empowerment throughout the therapeutic relationship. Each case is built based on the unique strengths and deficits of the individual. We do not use cookie-cutter programs, nor do we use blanket strategies. We are here to assess, develop, and support the autonomy and authenticity of each and every person with whom we work. Delivery of Services: At Los Angeles Friends, we have a variety of professionals and volunteers who are eager and passionate about providing the highest quality services to your loved one. The team is holistically composed of trained physical therapists, yoga instructors, board-certified behavior analysts, and undergraduate volunteers. At Los Angeles Friends, we are able to incorporate a variety of compassionate individuals who exemplify the art of giving. Program Individualization I. Intake: At the onset of classes, an intake assessment will be completed with the family. This intake assessment will allow our program manager to design an individualized behavior program that will be targeted by one of the “Los Angeles Friends” during our group classes. II. Goals and Outcomes: Based on the information derived from the intake assessment, each learner will have a set of goals to work towards and build on during the sessions.

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