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Adrian's Place is a community hub for teens and young adults to come together, share and spend time with friends.  We work with program directors, therapists, tutors and recreational instructors to provide a robust calendar of activities. 

Tap Dance Class

Recreation Programs

Afternoon and weekend group programs.  Ballet, Cooking, Basketball, Art Fitness and more...

Motor therapy. Boy with down syndrome pl


OT, Speech, Social Skills and other specialized therapies are available at our facility. 


Have your therapist contact us if they want to use our facility, or contact us and we will introduce you to independent therapist so you can find one to fit your needs.

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socialization & Peer Building

We are all about making friends. 

Adrian's Place have partnered with Growing Side by Side, a non profit organization, providing  programs to our Teens, Siblings, Latino families &  Seasonal Events.

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