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We are an inclusive community hub located in Santa Monica California offering recreational, social and academic programs for teens  and young transitional-aged adults tailored to meet their abilities. 


Adrian's Place is for families, friends, caregivers and professionals to come together to support loved ones who require additional support and attention.

Adrian's Place is for program directors, activity instructors, tutors and therapists to use as a convenient location to grow their programs.

Adrian's Place is for dialog. Often, sharing a cup of coffee with other families facing similar challenges can help more than anything else.

Welcome to Adrian's Place. Help us build a home.

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Growing Side by Side develops opportunities to build strong peer-to-peer bonds for those with special needs, their families and their caregivers.  

Through collaboration, education and creation, Growing Side by Side works with community partners to provide opportunities, not just for those with special needs, but for their entire support network, most importantly their families. 
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